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  1. TITLEPOLICY FOR THE TREATMENT OF PERSONAL DATAThe purpose of this policy for the protection of personal data is to comply with the provisions of Law 1581 of 2012, its regulatory decree 1377 of 2013, and other related regulations that govern the constitutional right of citizens to authorize the processing of their personal data, as well as to know, update, and rectify the information that has been collected about them in databases or files of public and private entities.These policies apply to all personal data registered in person or virtually, directly or through third parties, in the databases of SYSTEMANIMAL and managed as a service with creation rights belonging to SOFLINE (The Company), with the exceptions established by law, for its processing (collection, storage, use, circulation, or deletion).



  • DATA MESSAGES: Any information generated, sent, received, and stored through electronic means, such as database records, text messages, emails, or text sent via platforms like WhatsApp or Telegram.
  • COOKIES: Virtual text strings that are stored by the platform, often used for proper functioning of the platform or website.
  • SERVICE PROVIDER: Entity responsible for providing the platform or SOFTWARE service; in this case, SYSTEMANIMAL as a cloud-based platform in its online version and a locally installable version.
  • CONTRACTOR OR CONSUMER: The person who uses the SOFTWARE service through digital devices such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • POP-UP WINDOWS: A window or notice generated by the browser or operating system that displays a message, error, or operational alert.
  • AUTHORIZATION: Prior, express, and informed consent of the Data Subject to carry out the processing of personal data.
  • PRIVACY NOTICE: Verbal or written communication generated by the Data Controller, directed at the Data Subject for the processing of their personal data, providing information about the applicable information processing policies, how to access them, and the purposes of the data processing.
  • DATABASE: Organized set of informative data that is subject to processing.
  • PERSONAL DATA: Information linked to a natural person or that can be associated with one or more specific or identifiable natural persons.
  • PUBLIC DATA: Data related to a person’s marital status, profession or occupation, and their status as a merchant or public servant. By nature, public data can be found in public records, official documents, gazettes, and bulletins, as well as legally enforceable court judgments that are not subject to confidentiality.
  • PUBLIC PERSONAL DATA: Information of a public nature that is available and freely accessible to the general public.
  • PRIVATE PERSONAL DATA: Personal information that only you or your restricted social circle knows, or that is not available to the general public. This type of data may be requested from you in certain cases for purposes of agreement, control, or registration.
  • SENSITIVE DATA: Highly sensitive or restricted personal information that affects the individual’s privacy and/or legal status. The SERVICE PROVIDER generally avoids processing sensitive data; however, in matters of employment, social security, or human resources, it may gain access to information related to the employee’s or their family’s health. The SERVICE PROVIDER may also establish systems for biometric identification, capture of still or moving images, voice, fingerprints, photographs, and other forms of data.
  • DATA PROCESSOR: Natural or legal person, public or private, that, on their own or in conjunction with others, processes personal data on behalf of the Data Controller.






  1. PRINCIPLE GOVERNING THE TREATMENT OF PERSONAL DATAThe service provider will apply in an organized and comprehensive manner the principles and terms listed in this agreement, in the processes of collection, management, use, processing, and storage of personal data.DEFINITIONS:a) PRINCIPLE OF LEGALITY: This document is a regulated activity that must adhere to what is established by law and other provisions that develop it.b) PRINCIPLE OF PURPOSE: The processing must comply with a legitimate purpose according to the Constitution and the Law, which is determined in this same document and is informed to the Data Subject for the purpose of their authorization.c) PRINCIPLE OF FREEDOM: Processing can only be carried out with the prior, express, and informed consent of the Data Subject. Personal data may not be obtained or disclosed without prior authorization or in the absence of a legal or judicial mandate that exempts the consent.d) PRINCIPLE OF TRUTH OR QUALITY: The information subject to processing must be truthful, accurate, up-to-date, verifiable, and understandable. The SERVICE PROVIDER will not process partial, incomplete, fragmented, or misleading data.e) PRINCIPLE OF TRANSPARENCY: In data processing, The Company guarantees the Data Subject’s right to obtain, from the Data Controller or Data Processor, at any time and without restrictions, information about the existence of data concerning them.f) PRINCIPLE OF ACCESS AND RESTRICTED CIRCULATION: Processing is subject to the limits arising from the nature of personal data and the provisions of the Constitution and the law. In this sense, processing can only be carried out by individuals authorized by the Data Subject and/or by persons provided for by law.

    Personal data, except for public information, may not be available on the Internet or other means of mass disclosure or communication, unless access is technically controllable to provide restricted knowledge only to Data Subjects or third parties authorized under this law.

    g) PRINCIPLE OF SECURITY: The information subject to processing by the Data Controller or Data Processor referred to in the law will be handled with the technical, human, and administrative measures necessary to provide security to the records, preventing their alteration, loss, consultation, unauthorized or fraudulent use, or access.

    h) PRINCIPLE OF CONFIDENTIALITY: All individuals within The Company who participate in the processing of personal data that is not of a public nature are obligated to guarantee the confidentiality of the information, even after their relationship with any of the tasks comprising the processing has ended. They may only provide or communicate personal data if they remain affiliated with The Company and when it corresponds to the development of activities authorized by this law and within its terms.



  1. TYPE OF INFORMATION SUBJECT TO OUR PROCESSINGThe information subject to processing by SYSTEMANIMAL will consist solely of personal data provided or that have been provided by the data subjects, such as clients, prospects, suppliers, employees, partners, and other individuals related to any of our products and/or services and/or our organization.



  1. PURPOSE OF PROCESSING COLLECTED PERSONAL DATAThe purpose of collecting personal data will involve their use for informative, commercial, and statistical purposes, or to ensure and enhance the usability or operation of our products and/or services, or for administrative purposes (quotations, invoicing, collection, orders, purchases, payment management, labor matters and/or human resources management, job offers, references, certifications, etc.), and in general, for other activities related to our policies, events, campaigns, and news.The Company will maintain confidentiality of the personal data provided by data subjects and will not disclose them to third parties for commercial purposes without prior authorization and information to the data subject.The Company reserves the right to use the collected information for the stated purposes, in accordance with this policy, among others, for:a) Processing and administration of transactions as a client and/or user or prospect or partner or employee of SYSTEMANIMAL.b) Offering, through its own means or jointly with third parties, information about new product launches, services, plans, promotions, events, and/or benefits. Additional information that benefits the operation, support, maintenance, updates, and warranty of our products or services in the case of incidents, issues, requirements, or failures.Meeting the notification of information of interest when requested, including responding to inquiries and general requests, doubts, or questions.Sending communications related to the business activities of SYSTEMANIMAL, news, and useful information about our company, products, offers, updates, event invitations, job offers, advertising, and/or surveys about our products or services and/or the products and services of our business partners.Processing usage data of our products and/or services for statistical, marketing, or relational information analysis purposes. Processing data for research, innovation, and development of new products and/or services.

    Exporting this information abroad, in case the hosting service used is not located in Colombia, within legal guidelines and those determined by the controlling entity.

    This processing can be carried out by the Company through physical, electronic, cellular, or mobile device means, via text messages (SMS), or through any analogous and/or digital communication means, known or to be known.

    Data subjects whose personal data is stored in any of the service provider’s databases can exercise their rights of access, updating, rectification, and deletion at any time, in relation to the data controller of The Company.



  1. RIGHTS AND LEGAL CONDITIONS FOR DATA PROCESSING3.1. RIGHTS OF DATA SUBJECTSThe Data Subject of personal data will have the following rights:
    • To know, update, and rectify their personal data with respect to the Data Controllers or Data Processors. This right can be exercised, among others, for partial, inaccurate, incomplete, fragmented, misleading data, or data whose processing is expressly prohibited or not authorized;
    • To request proof of the authorization granted to the Data Controller, except when expressly exempted as a requirement for processing, in accordance with legal provisions;
    • To be informed by the Data Controller or Data Processor, upon request, about the use given to their personal data;
    • To file complaints with the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce for violations of the provisions of this law and other laws that modify, add to, or supplement it;
    • To revoke the authorization and/or request the deletion of data when the processing does not respect constitutional and legal principles, rights, and guarantees, under the terms of the law and the jurisprudence interpreting it;
    • To access their personal data that have been subject to processing free of charge.

    The right to deletion is not an absolute right. The Company may deny or limit its exercise when:

    • The data subject is legally or contractually required to remain in the database; in cases such as pending accounts.
    • The deletion of data hinders judicial or administrative proceedings related to tax obligations, investigation and prosecution of crimes, or the updating of administrative sanctions.
    • The data is necessary to protect the legally protected interests of the data subject, to perform an action in the public interest, or to fulfill a legal obligation acquired by the data subject.
    • The data is publicly available and corresponds to public records, which are intended for public disclosure.
    • The data serves as support for the normal operation of The Company and must be retained by virtue of the Law or its internal processes.

    Similarly, the data subject can revoke their consent to the processing of their personal data at any time, as long as it is not prevented by a legal or contractual provision. In this case, revocation can operate partially or completely.


    Authorization from the Data Subject will not be required in the following cases:

    a) Information required by a public or administrative entity exercising its legal functions or by court order; b) Public data; c) Cases of medical or health emergency; d) Processing authorized by law for historical, statistical, or scientific purposes; e) Data related to the Civil Registry of Persons.

    Anyone who accesses personal data without prior authorization must in any case comply with the provisions contained in this law.


    The requested information may be provided by any means, including electronic means, as required by the Data Subject. The information must be easily readable, without technical barriers that hinder its access, and must correspond in its entirety to what is in the database.


    The Data Controller, when requesting authorization from the Data Subject, must clearly and expressly inform them of the following:

    a) The processing to which their personal data will be subjected and its purpose; b) The optional nature of the response to questions about sensitive data or data regarding girls, boys, and adolescents; c) The rights they have as Data Subjects; d) The identification, physical or electronic address, and telephone number of the Data Controller.

    PARAGRAPH. The Data Controller must retain proof of compliance with the provisions of this article and, when requested by the Data Subject, provide them with a copy of it.


    The information that meets the conditions established in this law may be provided to the following individuals:

    a) The Data Subjects, their heirs, or their legal representatives; b) Public or administrative entities exercising their legal functions or by court order; c) Third parties authorized by the Data Subject or by law.


    Once the authorization of the respective data subject(s) is obtained, the SERVICE PROVIDER will collect all personal data of the data subject(s) in the corresponding electronic database, for which administration and safeguarding will be its responsibility.

    SYSTEMANIMAL will prevent unauthorized access by third parties to the collected personal data and will implement all measures aimed at their protection.

    SYSTEMANIMAL commits to fulfilling its obligation to keep private data confidential, as well as its duty to treat them with confidentiality, and assumes the technical, organizational, and security measures necessary to prevent their alteration, loss, processing, or unauthorized access, in accordance with the law and the international treaties signed by Colombia governing the matter.

    The Data Subject will be responsible, in any case, for the accuracy of the data provided. SYSTEMANIMAL may exclude a data subject who has provided false information from any relationship generated based on that false information, without prejudice to any other actions that may be taken.


  1. RESPONSIBILITIES OF DATA CONTROLLERSIn accordance with the Law, the responsibilities of data controllers are as follows, without prejudice to other provisions provided by the law:a) Ensure that the Data Subject is able to fully and effectively exercise the right to habeas data at all times;
    b) Request and retain, under the conditions provided by law, a copy of the respective authorization granted by the Data Subject;
    c) Properly inform the Data Subject about the purpose of data collection and the rights granted to them by virtue of the authorization given;
    d) Safeguard the information under the necessary security conditions to prevent its alteration, loss, consultation, use, or unauthorized or fraudulent access;
    e) Ensure that the information provided to the Data Processor is truthful, complete, accurate, up-to-date, verifiable, and understandable;
    f) Update the information by promptly communicating to the Data Processor any new developments regarding the data previously provided and taking the necessary measures to keep the information supplied to them up-to-date;
    g) Rectify information when it is incorrect and inform the Data Processor accordingly;
    h) Provide the Data Processor, as appropriate, with only data whose processing is previously authorized in accordance with the provisions of this law;
    i) Demand from the Data Processor at all times respect for the security and privacy conditions of the Data Subject’s information;
    j) Handle queries and complaints in the terms established by law;
    k) Adopt an internal manual of policies and procedures to ensure proper compliance with the law, especially for addressing queries and complaints;
    l) Inform the Data Processor when certain information is under dispute by the Data Subject, once a claim has been submitted and the respective process has not been completed;
    m) Provide information to the Data Subject, upon request, about the use of their data; n) Notify the data protection authority when breaches of security codes occur and there are risks in the management of the Data Subject’s information;
    o) Comply with the instructions and requirements issued by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.PRIVACY NOTICEThe Company, through verbal or written communication generated by the Data Controller and directed at the Data Subject for the processing of their personal data, informs them about the existence of the information processing policies that will be applicable to them, how to access them, the purposes of the processing intended for the personal data, the privacy of this information, and in general, grants access to this document so that they can consult it prior to giving their authorization.These notices can be easily located by the Data Subject in advertising material, landing pages, the website, emails, when accessing products or services, on invoices, and in registration forms for the collection of data necessary for contracting, billing, payment, etc.



  1. TITLE – SCOPE OF APPLICATIONSOFLINE COLOMBIA, hereinafter referred to as SERVICE PROVIDER, and the services mentioned herein SYSTEM ANIMAL, hereinafter referred to as SOFTWARE and/or PLATFORM.Applied SystemsCloud Version: Hosted on external servers managed by SOFLINE and SYSTEMANIMAL personnel on third-party infrastructure (servers), as a cloud-based usage service accessible through electronic terminals with internet access under a monthly license (SAAS). Local Version: Hosted on local service under a lifetime license or payment for monthly or annual renewal, which will depend on the infrastructure of the










SYSTEMANIMAL is a management service for veterinary clinics, allowing you to register patients, clients, medications, and manage scheduled appointments, among other functions.

We recommend that you, as a user, carefully read and understand the conditions described here, and accept them, as they are binding conditions and apply from the moment SYSTEMANIMAL provides you access to the Service through a mutually beneficial contractual agreement or through your online registration as a user with a limited free account.

By registering to use the software or by using the service, THE USER acknowledges that they have read and understood these terms and have the authority to act on behalf of the entity for which they are using the software or service, thereby releasing SYSTEMANIMAL and/or the Service Provider from any responsibility in the event of not having read the policies and terms of service and/or not having the express authority, as it will be sufficient to accept these conditions.


  1. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF PLATFORM USEDEFINITIONSData Messages: Any information generated, sent, received, and stored electronically, such as database records, text messages, emails, or text sent through platforms like WhatsApp or Telegram.
    Cookies: Virtual text strings sent and stored by the platform, usually for proper platform or website functioning.
    Agreement: Refers to these terms of use of the Service. In other words, this document.
    Applications or “SYSTEMANIMAL Applications”: Refers to SYSTEMANIMAL CLOUD according to the subscription modality chosen by the USER. It is also used in the singular when referring to a single application.
    Fee: Refers to the payment (excluding taxes and fees) payable by the USER according to the subscription modality chosen by the USER and the Fee Program, in order to access the service.
    Data: Refers to any information entered by you or authorized by you in the Software. The term “Data” is also used.
    Copyright: Refers to any patent, product or service trademark, domain name, trade name, copyright (economic or moral rights), design or model rights, know-how, and any other intellectual property right (industrial property or copyright), legally recognized, whether registered or not.
    The Software: Refers to the cloud-based tool provided by SYSTEMANIMAL for the service under this agreement. It is synonymous with “Application” or “SYSTEMANIMAL Application”.
    Confidential Information: Includes all relevant accounting, tax, commercial, strategic, technical, or legal information exchanged between the parties to this Agreement, whether in writing or electronically or orally (in the latter case, as long as confirmed in physical form), excluding information that is or becomes publicly available, except through unauthorized disclosure by the other party. Confidential information must be identified as such when transmitted from one party to another.
    Service: Means the provision by SYSTEMANIMAL for subscribers to access the use of Applications or SYSTEMANIMAL Applications online through the website.
    Website: Refers to the Internet site at the domain, or any other site operated by SYSTEMANIMAL for the provision of the services covered by this Agreement.
    Subscription: Refers to your explicit or tacit decision as a USER to acquire or use the services of SYSTEMANIMAL CLOUD OR LOCAL. Your use as a USER of the SYSTEMANIMAL application services implies an act of subscribing to the service.
    Fees: Refers to information related to the value of subscriptions, which will be reflected in the billing established according to the subscription modality chosen by the USER.
    Service Provider: Responsible for providing the platform or SOFTWARE service, in this case, SYSTEMANIMAL as a cloud-based platform in its online version and as an installable local version.
    Contractor or Consumer: The person who uses the SOFTWARE service through digital devices such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet.
    Pop-up Windows: A window or notice generated by the browser or operating system that displays a message, error, or operational alert.
    The following terms and conditions govern and authorize the use of the platform granted by the SERVICE PROVIDER to the CONTRACTOR.Through the platform, the CONTRACTOR will have access to the registration of personal and sensitive information of their respective clients, which will be stored on third-party servers, such as names, identification documents, phone numbers, addresses, emails, among others, for the respective cloud-based version. Conversely, the local version is stored and backed up by the CONTRACTOR, as shown in sections 3. USER RESPONSIBILITY; 6. COPYING AND SOFTWARE USE; 8. SECURITY.The establishment of the SERVICE PROVIDER AND CONTRACTOR relationship is done through the signed or archived agreement at the time of contracting. The user accepts the terms and conditions of use from that moment and reaffirms it at the time of accessing and using the service in its cloud and installable versions.




  • MODIFICATIONThe service provider may modify, delete, or update the terms and conditions of use autonomously and at any time without prior notice to the CONTRACTOR, in whole, in part, or substantially. Therefore, the latest version published or notified to the customer after the change will be the current and accepted version by the CONTRACTOR.CONTRACTORAny individual, company, organization, non-governmental entity, or public entity that decides to contract the service in either of its two versions, local or cloud-based, and who, through continuous, interrupted, or partial use, accepts the terms and conditions of use mentioned in this communication.The use of the platform is carried out by the CONTRACTOR as a capable person, of legal age, under legal agreement, manifesting the need for the service.


    Any additional account created by the CONTRACTOR or requested by the CONTRACTOR that allows access to third parties belonging to their company or team and allows them to perform operations within the platform.

    The SERVICE PROVIDER through the platform makes available to the CONTRACTOR a management tool that allows the registration of consultations, scheduling, patient (pet) control, client (pet owner) registration, medical history registration, among other functions with constant updates. These functionalities enable the CONTRACTOR to archive and digitally organize their veterinary medical records.


    The CONTRACTOR will have the right to claim a guarantee for the contracted service if they are not satisfied with the provided service or if there are failures in their respective local and/or cloud-based versions. At the time of the application of the guarantee and in accordance with the agreement between both parties, they will be entitled to a refund only if it derives from a monthly term contract corresponding to the current month, and they must notify before the monthly cutoff for platform usage. In the case of having a lifetime license under the local version, the CONSUMER will not have the right to claim a refund if it is not done within the terms specified in the contract for their respective claim and within the first 30 days after installation. Consequently, the CONTRACTOR agrees to allow the removal of the software hosted on their HARDWARE, and after the guarantee is executed, they will no longer have the right to use the service.


    SYSTEMANIMAL grants you the right to access and use the Service through the website with the available user functions. This right is not exclusive, is non-transferable, and is limited and subject to what is prescribed in this document and its addenda or modifications. You acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for the use of the Service and the responsible party for all Guest Users. As a Subscriber, you will decide what access or level of access (permissions) your different users will have and must ensure that all individuals using the application are aware of, comply with, and accept these terms.

    This Agreement between the Subscriber and SOFLINE describes the terms of use and the scope, conditions, and limitations of the services of The Software, provided under the “software as a service” (SaaS) modality according to your subscription type.

    Due to the contracting modality (SaaS), THE USER will not have the software installed on their machines but will have access to the service provided by SYSTEMANIMAL S.A.S., under the subscription type defined by THE USER. THE USER will have access to the service as long as they maintain an active and current contract. In any case that THE USER does not continue or does not wish to continue with the services, they can download their information to flat files to avoid losing the data, as it cannot be migrated to other software or platforms, and SYSTEMANIMAL cannot be indefinitely responsible for it.

    Each USER is assigned a serial number, which only the number of users and/or modules and/or companies expressly authorized by SYSTEMANIMAL can use, and their characteristics and description are detailed on the website.

    THE USER acknowledges having understood the characteristics and functionalities of the contracted application and that, being generic, it satisfies the needs for which they subscribed to the service, as it adequately adapts to the needs and processes specific to their business.



For the use of SYSTEMANIMAL CLOUD services, THE USER must expressly or tacitly accept the terms and conditions of this document, which are also available on the website However, they may change in any update of this document. Therefore, for the use of the service every time there is an update of The Software, THE USER must read, understand, and accept the new terms and conditions. It will be understood that THE USER has accepted the terms of this contract by using the services of any of the applications or functionalities of SYSTEMANIMAL Cloud and/or by paying the invoice.

In the event that THE USER does not accept the terms and conditions of the service, they should not use the applications or functionalities. SYSTEMANIMAL will not accept modifications to these general conditions, as they are uniform for all users of the services. In the event that THE USER does not accept the new conditions in case they change, THE USER will not be able to use the service.

Similarly, the conditions of this document, its addenda, or modifications will be valid for the version of The Software enabled for the user. In case of a version update or adjustment, software or packaging change, operating system or platform change, addition of modules, functionalities, or authorized users, these conditions may change.


The right of withdrawal can be exercised in accordance with the terms agreed upon in this communication and in the written and signed contract between both parties physically and/or verbally. This right corresponds to 30 consecutive days after the agreement.

In return for their cloud version, the customer makes the corresponding payment for the service month. They must inform within a period of no more than 3 days after the agreement, as this is charged on a current month usage methodology. In the case of an agreement under an annual rate, covering the sum of the corresponding months for one (1) year (12 months), the user will have a maximum of 30 days to exercise their right of withdrawal.









In the event that the CONTRACTANT requests or grants authorization to the Service Provider for special processing of their stored data, such as data updates, deletion, or rectification. Or in cases of incomplete, partial, incorrect, or false data, the Service Provider may carry out the update under data control authorization.


The CONTRACTANT may request assistance from a representative of the SERVICE PROVIDER at any time through the help or contact service available on the website or


The CONTRACTANT shall have the right to address a communication or request letter, either electronically or in writing, through our email channels in order to request maintenance, correction, or guidance.

Access to personal data can be granted after verifying the identity of the CONTRACTANT and complying with the following requirements.

  • Being the owner of the information, adequately proving their identity through any authorized means.
  • Being a representative authorized by the CONTRACTANT with a signed and validated document, attached to a document identifying the natural or legal person.





In case of no claim or request for license renewal upon contract completion, it will be automatically renewed.

If you have an installation license under the local version, you do not need to renew your service. You should only request renewal if it is deactivated or experiencing issues with the platform.


  • Users are responsible for the proper management of information backed up in the system, such as data deletion, updates, or changes, that may affect existing information.
  • The user is responsible for backing up and storing access credentials, which are personal and non-transferable. In case of loss, it should be reported to their system advisor, who will need to change or temporarily suspend the user’s access.
  • Do not make changes to software configurations that could affect the original user information.
  • Any user who detects or becomes aware of a potential computer security incident must report it to the IT department as soon as possible, clearly indicating the data that makes it a computer security incident.
  • When there is suspicion or knowledge that confidential or restricted information has been disclosed, modified, altered, or deleted without authorization from management, the computer user must notify the DEVELOPER or their TRUSTED ADVISOR.
  • In the case of using the local version, the user agrees to use antivirus software and perform preventive and corrective HARDWARE maintenance to minimize the possibility of information loss or theft by external parties through attacks or information hijacking. Similarly, the user agrees to perform backup copies at established or desired intervals.
  • Do not use or download illegal software or software from unofficial websites that could enable external individuals to hijack credentials, steal information, or take over your HARDWARE device.





The license provided for the use of services for the cloud version does not constitute a permanent or partial sale of the code that enables the platform’s operation. The code will continue to be the exclusive property of the SERVICE PROVIDER, including both the code and the database structure that allows the hosting and organization of CONSUMER data.

In its local version, the package installed on the CONSUMER’s HARDWARE will remain the property of the SERVICE PROVIDER. Under no circumstances, even with a lifetime license, is the commercialization, distribution, or partial or complete modification of the system allowed.

Local Version

Any unauthorized partial or complete copying of the SOFTWARE, in its desktop version where the code is locally hosted.

In accordance with current copyright laws, individuals or companies involved in the reproduction or alteration of the code or operation of the SOFTWARE through violent or illegal means may be subject to civil and criminal penalties, including fines and imprisonment. Illegal duplication of software is not permitted.

Cloud Version

Partial downloading of sections of the system, as well as partial or complete visual copying using file extraction tools, is prohibited. Under no circumstances will the contracting user own partial or complete source code that enables the operation of the SOFTWARE. The agreement of use is established at the time of contracting and ends when the CONTRACTOR decides to suspend its use or the contract period ends without renewal.

The SERVICE PROVIDER reserves the right to renew, admit, or not sign an agreement if deemed necessary based on a history of non-compliance by the client with any clauses signed in the contract or the present agreement, indicating a violation thereof.

Similarly, in accordance with current copyright laws, individuals or companies involved in the reproduction or alteration of the code or operation of the SOFTWARE through violent or illegal means may be subject to civil and criminal penalties, including fines and imprisonment. Illegal duplication of software is not permitted.


Partial or complete copying of services or available sections and usage of SYSTEM ANIMAL, both in its Local Version and Cloud Version, is prohibited.

Depending on the case, if an unauthorized partial or complete copy is found, not authorized by the company or developer, the person may become involved in civil and criminal legal processes according to the current copyright law mentioned in section 4 and its articles 4.1.


The user is responsible for data backup and preventing third-party access that could affect the operation of their HARDWARE or SOFTWARE equipment.


At the time of the agreement between the DEVELOPER company and the CONTRACTOR, a written and verbal commitment is signed, establishing that sensitive and internal information of the SOFTWARE cannot be partially or fully leaked. The SERVICE PROVIDER also commits not to disclose, sell, or grant access to individuals outside the company or its business partners or services belonging to the company, including records of clients, pets, or any records created by the CONTRACTOR.


Local Version

Unlike the cloud version, the local version will depend solely on the functioning of the local server or computer where the SOFTWARE is installed and hosted. The operation is based on the speed, processing, and data storage capacity of the CONTRACTOR’s HARDWARE characteristics.

Cloud Version

The SOFTWARE service will remain active and functional 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It will only enter contingency or suspension mode in case of a hosting service failure or scheduled maintenance, which will be notified in advance. Maintenance will be carried out during nighttime hours and will be communicated via email, SMS, or WhatsApp to all active customers, specifying the estimated time and date.


The information collected by the Service Provider and registered by the CONTRACTOR for management by the Service Provider, for the cloud version. In contrast, the information stored in the local version will be managed and backed up by the CONTRACTOR on their own. Stored data centers will be kept on the HARDWARE designated for SOFTWARE use.

Access to the data center (general database) is exclusively restricted to internal personnel of the DEVELOPER company and is only accessible for scheduled maintenance.

Access to the servers of the DEVELOPER company through the console or remote administration is restricted to authorized personnel exclusively from the DEVELOPER company.

The CONTRACTOR is responsible for verifying whether the stored information, both locally and in the cloud, is accurate and reliable, according to their judgment.

The Service Provider is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided or its correct completion.


Local Version

An internet connection is not required for the correct functioning of the SOFTWARE.

The CONTRACTOR is advised to manage their internet connection properly if available on the device where the SOFTWARE is installed, in order to prevent obtaining third-party software that could affect performance, lead to information loss, or deletion.

Cloud Version

The service requires a stable internet connection with a minimum value in megabits for its proper operation. It is recommended to have a capacity higher than 3 Mbps. In case this is not available, the service should still function correctly without interruptions. A value of 3 Mbps is suggested as a minimum base for optimal performance.

However, proper network management is recommended to prevent your equipment from becoming infected with third-party software that may store information or interaction data, such as Keyloggers, enabling unauthorized access to your service through stolen credentials.

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