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Pet Control

Register owners and pets without limitations, attach documents, receipts, and photos of your patients.


Manage your veterinary staff, grant unique accounts to each of them, assign appointments, and record performed procedures.


Register your appointments in minutes, patient history, symptoms, diagnosis, and observations. Additionally, formulate medications with just a few clicks.

Medical History

Register and manage patient appointments and procedures, print, and send them directly to owners through WhatsApp.

Vaccination Record

Control and management of vaccines administered to your patients, schedule upcoming vaccinations, record administered doses, as well as medications given and to be administered.

Contact and send

We integrate WhatsApp API to make contact with your clients faster and more efficient. Additionally, you can send pending queries and issued prescriptions.


Manage your product and service sales, generate and print documents for delivery to your clients.


Keep track of your expenses and maintain your financial reports with real-time values at all times.

And more......

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