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  • ¿Does the software work for managing it on multiple computers in the veterinary clinic?
  • RESPONSE:  Yes, System Animal is web-based, which allows you to use it from multiple computers simultaneously with different veterinarians.


  • ¿Can I manage sales and billing expenses with the veterinary software?
  • RESPONSE:  Yes, the System Animal software has a sales and expenses module. Additionally, you can print invoices for clients and at the end of the day, have a sales report for selected dates.


  • ¿What functions can i manage with System Animal?
  • RESPONSE: You can manage medical records, veterinary consultations, vaccinations with upcoming vaccination alerts, canine spa, sales and expenses reports, patient and owner information, printing of medical prescriptions to send to your clients, etc.


  • ¿Can I manage System Animal from my cellphone?
  • RESPONSE: Yes, we are currently launching the System Animal Android app for veterinarians and pet owners.


  • ¿Whats type of licenses does System Animal offer?
  • RESPONSE: System Animal offers monthly licenses or annual licenses with free support and free updates. Contact us for more information.


  • ¿How can I receive technical support for the Sysrem Animal software?
  • RESPONSE: You will have the option to call the assigned technical support by phone or submit a support ticket through our email.


  • ¿What are the payment methods?
  • RESPONSE:  We accept payments through Bancolombia, Daviplata, Nequi, PayPal, Western Union, and also accept payments in Bitcoin.
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  • Did you know that with System Animal, you can manage all the processes of your veterinary clinic with just one click.
  • Did you know that with System Animal, you can access the entire accounting of the veterinary clinic for days, months, or years.
  • Did you know that you can access System Animal 24/7.
  • Did you know that you have unlimited space to record online medical records.
  • Did you know that you can manage System Animal from your mobile or computer.
  • Save time during consultations with the mobile System Animal app.
  • Did you know that with the purchase of the System Animal license, you receive free support + free updates.

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